Blossom House


Blossom House, high-end boutique hotel brand of Huazhu Hotel Group, has 3 different scales products,including city hotel, resort club and resort village. Blossom House expects to provide a happy, joyful and otherworldly sort of place,by a fusion of boutique hotel’s service, local traditional buildings and cultural characteristics.


This brand visual update mission is to create a beautiful, elegant, literary and artistic brand image. The mission also aims at improving the adaptability of logo application scenarios, and the extensibility of brand promotion in future.

The brand logo presents a proper sense of ritual, in concert with the Chinese name“堂”. The flower branches on left and right sides form the Chinese character“花”, appearing artistic conception of “stepping among flower clusters”. A ellipse frame contains everything in the world of flowers. This scenery-borrowing skill gives a feeling like placing yourself in front of a window of Chinese classic garden enjoying the beauty of flowers. The combination of unique Lagerstroemia indica red and stable dark grey blue reflects the bright of flowers in a leisurely scene. The whole vision presents elegant enjoyment of a little happiness in a little peaceful place. The brand personality of flexible Intellectuality and mild leisureliness is what we what to create.


16, Lane 76, Wuyuan Road, Shanghai, China. 200031

+86 21 6225 6089 Ext. 801, 807