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Aupres with powerful background of Shiseido, already has a collection of 70,000,000 membership data after 25 years in China. Aupres always insists on providing perfect skin care experience, and now this brand which is born for quality,is waiting for a transformation to win more women’s love.

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Hotwind (born from 1996 in Shanghai——the fashion capital) has now developed to a domestic well-known fashion retail chain brand. It has a complete system of design, selection and marketing, suppling variety of commodity. She is not only a retail brand, but also a fashionable brand caring about customers requirements.

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Pin de la brume


“Pin de la brume” is located in Hangzhou, one of the most famous scenic spot in China.



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Garlic Design believes in limitless creativity and beauty. A unique design not only expresses brand emotional demands, but also contains considerable brand market value. With multi-dimensional exploration, multi-domain research and deep-level analysis, GD provides a range of professional services on tailor-made brand strategies and design solutions for our clients, which includes:

  1. Brand Planning (target market research and analysis, brand business model and strategy development)
  2. Brand visual planning
  3. Spatial strategy
  4. Signage system strategy
  5. Products strategy and visual communication

director • Taiwan


WenHua Fine Arts, Taiwan & Post-diplima, ENSAD, France. Member of the Syndica National des Artistes Français. As an artist and also a designer, Raphael possesses the sense of traditional Chinese aesthetics as well as the skill of modern digital art.

Art Director • Japan


Marlyse Eloy Art school, Paris, France. With influence from both Japanese and French culture, Shingo’s works show a cross-cultural depth. Excelling at colors and lines, he can always create eye-catching commercial designs

Senior Designer • France


From painting to graphic design, from typography to scenography, he experiments the fields of plastic art with passion and expression. As he has japanese roots, he is able to change this strengh into precise and refined tools for visual identity.

Art Consultant • France

Thomas Guillaumot

Master degree in Applied Arts, La Sor Bonne University, Paris, France. A natural born artist who always fills his works with emotion & personal charm.

Project Manager • Taiwan


Majoring in psychology, she got to know GD team in France. She has rich design management experience covering famous international and domestic brands. She builds a strong team, dedicated to explore market and customer insight, and perfectly connects design business and market.


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